moodle Feedback


Got an email from “the boss lady” today to take a look at a newsletter as she saw moodle in it. Turns out, it was a link to the moodle Feedback activity, I wish I knew about this last month during my Student Assessment class! One can create an area for feedback (no grading is available in the feedback module) AND one can assign a student as the Teacher role in the Feedback area so a student can lead the discussion/questioning. I am not sure what a Captcha is (it did not work when I tested) but the other options can be helpful for gathering student feedback. In addition, there is an option for Anonymous. This could be helpful for students to feel safe to provide input without worrying about blowback from other students or from the instructor.

I can see having a discussion outside of a forum that a student could lead and having some more opportunities for course evaluations more often during the term or semester. A big Woohoo for moodle Feedback!


This is an option for an Introduction forum post for online/undergraduate students. I am really working hard to offer visual alternatives to text only posts.

Faculty Development Planning

facdevwordleIt is time to start to plan specific work for sessions for Carl Sandburg College TechConnect 2014! So excited to get going on this planning. It will be my last days at this fine school and it is definitely bittersweet. I am appreciative of all that I have learned there and all that I have been able to help with over the past year. Looking forward to what is new to come but am thrilled to focus on these sessions and make them amazing, informative and entertaining!


Differentiating in online courses

This week in my coursework for the Master Online Teacher work, things really started to come together in how to differentiate in the online environment. I have always done well in face to face classes in providing individualized learning experiences for students and keeping assessment and daily course work student centered and engaging. I am finally ready to be bold with my online courses and will start this summer to offer alternatives to just posting a paper. I know I will work well with the courses now that I am familiar with them and am ready to get in there and edit away.

Also, this week, I did my first Community Education experience with an iPad introduction course. I was so very nervous and prepped for a very long time but I had an absolute blast! Folks were excited and engaged and really seemed to learn many things about their devices. There was such a wide range of experiences but I really felt I was able to make sure everyone walked away learning about 8 things (this come up randomly with the nice person in the back of the room who was very quiet but kind and patient).

Turnitin on the iPad

Today’s great adventure will be testing what a student sees on an assignment for Turnitin when an instructor grades with the ipad app. So far so good, except some difficulty with audio comments. Should not be too much to get it fixed but this seems like a FANTASTIC tool to me.

It still amazes me the excited I find at work every day! I am using the iPad more and more each day and this is just another great tool. There are times I just want to grade on paper, but the majority must move to the electronic, especially since I teach online courses. I hope to make sure my students feel connected and excited!


Science website Zoouniverse

Since I tend to the language arts “stuff”, I thought I would work to expand my horizons since informational text is such an integral part of the Common Core.

This website, zooniverse, looks fantastic. Space, Climate, Humanities, Nature and Biology are the tabs.  It is a place where a community creates the learning! Take a look to see if any of the topics will help add resources to your current teaching.


iPad…something new to try in 2014


Many schools and many students at all levels are using iPads in teaching and in learning. A Carl Sandburg College, many classrooms are equipped with Apple TV which allows an incredibly easy way to project the content of an ipad to a classroom projector. In addition to this ease of access (which cuts out the time to log into a networked desktop machine) there are many free apps to allow media to meet diverse learning styles. In just the sciences, there are free apps for showing a Virtual hear, Kidney and complete human physiology. These are just a few…they take diagrams and instructors can flip and turn the images and show students visually and on in 3Dimensions the anatomy being studied.

In addition to iPads, there are many smaller and more reasonably priced tablets and notebook computers. I want to be open and able to be competent with as many as possible to help both faculty and students meet their needs with technology.