Here we go again…

I am pleased to announce that I am going to start up this blog again! It is time and I know that I will provide thoughtful as well as entertaining content once again! See you all soon!


Thursday not Friday

Today is Thursday, not Friday. I will need to remind myself of this all day. I think when one takes on a move and is wrapping up at work, one does lose track of time.

This is certainly not a big deal, but it seems to happen to me more and more. I will continue to do my daily word puzzles and Sudoku in hopes of keeping decent brain functioning. So, Play Words With Friends, with me folks!

Twitter and facebook and Linkedin-oh my!

In the last year, I have tried to make my social media presence a bit more professional. I finally feel like I am getting there. I will continue my photo a day on facebook as that is my peaceful, reflection time with the dogs.

It is very strange to realize and to admit how important Social media has become to me in keeping connected with my peers. It really is my main professional base as I can scroll a couple times a day and find articles on current events in higher ed and in training.


A bit of water and no air conditioning

So, here I sit, stifling with no air and a musty office after some intense “leaking”. It will be ok this morning and I can work from home later today, but luckily the water landed where it did. All I lost were some data sheets (had already input into a spreadsheet so no loss there) and it missed the monitors, CPUs and chromebooks. I mean, who can complain about a little water after this just four years ago:

Big Data MOOC

I am taking the plunge. I am taking a mooc. I took my picture and help up my ID and paid my $49.

I have done the intro and have watched the first two videos. I am just about ready to dive into the regressions and hope it is a helpful experience to me.

I am actually good with data but have not done any true statistics in recent years. I know that for what I do, it is just about data and looking at the numbers and trying to tell the story of the students and their success. I need to do this as I have not done statistics in quite a while-probably Hudak’s class at Allegheny! Again, we are talking basics and not very in depth but time to push my comfort zone a little and do this.


And Grades are IN

I got in stupid early this morning to post my final grades for Spring Term. I always feel excited and exhausted when submitting grades.

This term was a blur. Personally, a wedding shower and a wedding made the first half of the term fly by even faster than usual. How wonderful to celebrate such a happy and joyous event. Of course, Ali and James are just amazing and I am delighted to have a son!

I will take some time and reflect on the academics of this term. Too many Ds and Fs and I need to think on how this could be prevented. The BRT (Business Retention Team) is an incredible bunch for intervention, but there are just a few that don’t seem to be “helpable”.

I am finally going to add Outcomes at the course level for both BA 131 and BA 315 this summer. I really need to have this in place so other faculty can “see” how it all works in Canvas.

This will be a long and a truly “off” weekend so let’s hope for sunshine as the dogs are getting extra walks!

Program Capstone Data

I am near the end of getting the Program Outcomes into Canvas (you will remember that I have not been able to do this for a couple days-I love “not my fault” breaks). I hope this transition to Canvas will be helpful to faculty and just inputting the Outcomes has helped me see some revisions that could be helpful.

These are the types of projects where the support is incredibly important. It has taken me quite a bit to “sit with” Canvas Outcomes and make it work. After presenting at WACC, I feel really good about the work I have┬ádone this year and that this is a crucial tool for continued collection and analysis of data.

So, time to finish inputting and a big WOOHOO to Canvas. And a plea that it does not change that much this summer since it has taken me a while to figure out this version.