Student workshop on electronic distraction

As I was reading one of my discussion forums, the idea of workshops for students on electronic distraction was discussed. I LOVE this idea. I can see it in tandem with any Learning Resource Center. I just know this would be a great awareness type workshop to get students (and frankly most of us) a time to reflect and understand how our tablets and phones and laptops affect us in our daily life. There is also a National unplug day that I would like to tap into in the future. 

Blending is not flipping and Flipping is not blending

Such a profound title for an instructional designer/instructional technologist! With BlendKit 2014, I am already engaged and spending too much time reading and engaging on this topic. I do like the interaction in Canvas too since I will be teaching a brief introduction to Canvas next week.

The one thing that stands out to me in this reading is that I have been blending for a very, very long time. It just makes sense to support f2f and online with excellent resources and with time from me as the instructor outside the classroom or outside the synchronous time. What I am getting better at now is making the outcomes and details of the course more clear to students and creating more opportunities to meet learning styles with integrating technology.

moodle Feedback


Got an email from “the boss lady” today to take a look at a newsletter as she saw moodle in it. Turns out, it was a link to the moodle Feedback activity, I wish I knew about this last month during my Student Assessment class! One can create an area for feedback (no grading is available in the feedback module) AND one can assign a student as the Teacher role in the Feedback area so a student can lead the discussion/questioning. I am not sure what a Captcha is (it did not work when I tested) but the other options can be helpful for gathering student feedback. In addition, there is an option for Anonymous. This could be helpful for students to feel safe to provide input without worrying about blowback from other students or from the instructor.

I can see having a discussion outside of a forum that a student could lead and having some more opportunities for course evaluations more often during the term or semester. A big Woohoo for moodle Feedback!


This is an option for an Introduction forum post for online/undergraduate students. I am really working hard to offer visual alternatives to text only posts.